Free Strata Reports

Bring us your documents, and we'll extract key issues and restrictions in under 60 seconds.


Screenshot of Eli Report with financial benchmarks and side by side viewer.

Are you looking for a strata inspection report, strata search, Section 108 report (for NSW) or an owners corporation inspection report (in Victoria) relating to the strata scheme you or your client is looking to purchase into?

Summarize issues and concerns instantly with Eli Report.  Sign up now and run your first report for free here.

If you have obtained the strata records or documents in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act or Owners Corporation Act 2006, Eli Report is a great tool which can help you review these documents.

While we are not a traditional strata search firm or strata gopher, our platform is able to read through documents like the annual and extraordinary general meeting minutes, by-laws, budgets and the sinking fund, and summarize key issues that exist in the building in under 5 minutes.

Restrictions that Eli Report looks for include:

  • Rental restrictions
  • Smoking restrictions
  • Pet restrictions
  • Age restrictions
  • Common fees and fines
  • By-law breaches

Issues that we look for within the meeting minutes and sinking fund include:

  • Upcoming special contributions or assessments
  • Capital works projects
  • Cladding & fire safety compliance
  • Building leaks
  • Plumbing issues
  • Roof issues
  • Termite and pest concerns
  • Theft and security issues
  • Elevator issues
  • Litigation and legal proceedings

Are you interested in using Eli Report as a tool to summarize issues and restrictions in strata documents?  Our platform is web based, and delivers reports in under 60 seconds.  Sign up now and run your first report for free here.