About Us

OctoAI Technologies Corp. is a Vancouver-based proptech company developing solutions for the multi-family real estate and insurance markets. Our flagship product, Eli Report (www.elireport.com), is an AI-powered condo document review platform for real estate professionals that enables them to quickly and efficiently review condo documents, while serving as a resource to help inform their clients. The platform also helps better assess the risk profile of a condo community from an insurance perspective, leading to more informed underwriting decisions.

Founded in 2017, we are a small team of entrepreneurial individuals (+ an octopus!) enthusiastic about building amazing technologies that help our customers succeed, homeowners stay more informed and ultimately build healthier communities.

About the role

We’re seeking a meticulous DevOps and Backend Developer to join our product engineering team. You have great attention to detail, learn quickly, are self-motivated and take ownership of technology infrastructure to continually improve it.

You will be responsible for instance provisioning, autoscaling groups, continuous integration and deployment pipelines, IAM policy definition, automated test stages, load/stress testing, database schema migrations, machine learning data pipelines and log analysis.


  • Build and maintain infrastructure as code (IAC) with Kubernetes, ECS and Docker
  • Ensure our software platform is secure and adapts to varying load
  • Drive system health and performance insights
  • Build and enhance machine learning data pipelines


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related Degree
  • 3+ years of experience in Software Engineering
  • Experience supporting applications on AWS, i.e. ECS, Kubernetes, Lambda and IAM
  • Experience with micro-services applications (GraphQL)
  • Strong grasp of Terraform, Docker and Git
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Previous DevOps experience


  • Experience with MongoDB administration and roles
  • Excellent debugging, problem solving and analytical skills
  • Strong understanding of architectural requirements and development processes
  • Interest in Machine Learning and AI