Are condo associations responsible for pest control?

As a general rule, condo owners are responsible for pest control within their own property, and the condo or HOA association is responsible for pest control in common areas.

Fault when it comes to pests is difficult to assign (and largely irrelevant). The best outcomes arise if the problem of pests is dealt with quickly and in a coordinated manner. Pests can be difficult to eliminate, and often return if conditions allow, so thorough treatment is best. They also tend to have a degree of mobility within small areas so can move around if there isn’t a comprehensive treatment plan.

Condo associations will typically initiate pest control measures to clear infestations on common property. Remember that this is still owner money, just built into HOA fees. Owners may undertake complementary services within their property if that applies.

Obviously the nature of pests varies greatly. Depending on whether your issue is termites. mice or pigeons the solution will vary. Whatever the case, condo associations are responsible for pest control in common areas and it is in all owners’ interests to see it properly dealt with.

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