Condo Document Review: Vancouver

Condo Document Review: Vancouver

Greater Vancouver is home to tens of thousands of stratas and over a million strata residents. When buying into multifamily communities, it’s important to read the condo documents. To help, use Eli Report for condo document review in Vancouver, because we extract critical due diligence information from condo and strata documents.

Condo docs summarized in under 10 minutes

Document review is a lengthy exercise, and Eli can help you with the legwork.  All you have to do is enter the address, and upload the strata documents – things like board meeting minutes, budgets, reserve reports, rules and by-laws.  You will get a notification from me when your report is ready, all in a matter of minutes. Your Eli Report will cover all the salient facts about the building:

  • at-a-glance information about things like current and past building issues,
  • regulatory flags,
  • budgets, and
  • cash reserve balances.

An Eli Report will also benchmark the building against the competition and flag anything that might require more investigation. We help real estate professionals and their clients understand the whole picture, in record time.

Eli Report is the condo document review tool built for Vancouver. Your first report is always FREE!  Sign Up and start generating Eli Reports today.

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