Is document review now the first step when buying a condo?

Are you looking to buy a condo?  We recommend obtaining an Eli Report – do so yourself or request it through your Realtor.

Realtors are showcasing their virtual listings as best as possible.  Great photos are obvious; videos, virtual tours and 3D floor plans are becoming a must.  Images enhanced using artificial intelligence to ‘stage’ the home – or show what it may look like after renovations – are here. 

When buying into multi-family, condo document review is one of the most important things to do during the buying process, so it makes sense to get this done early in the process. Document review often uncovers facts or issues with a community that would cause a buyer concern. It is best to “know before you go”.  Performing document review with your Realtor will allow peace of mind, as you will have a sense of the pysical and financial condition of the community.

For listing agents, encouraging document review or sharing an Eli Report with interested parties allows them to weed out less serious buyers or those who are not in a position to submit an offer.

Eli Report is an artificial intelligence platform that assists buyers, owners, real estate professionals and other stakeholders in reviewing and uncovering potential issues contained in condo and strata documents.

Are you looking to buy a condo?  If so, be sure to talk to your Realtor about obtaining an Eli Report!  If you have the condo documents sign up here and get your first report free.