HOA Inspection: Eli Report vs InspectHOA

HOA inspection is a critical aspect of knowing a community, and both Eli Report and InspectHOA offer review services. If you are reading this it is likely you are either living in or buying into an HOA and wondering which document review service to use. We cover here the merits of each.

InspectHOA is a service that will review HOA documents and compare your HOA to other properties. They claim to find signs of trouble, and provide an easy to read report which includes a score. InspectHOA has a two business day turnaround time from when they receive HOA documents, and they charge between $80 (prescreen sale price) and $350 (concierge regular price).

Eli Report is powered by artificial intelligence and summarizes the key aspects of HOA documents instantly. This includes both governing documents and meeting minutes. Eli Report identifies rules and restrictions plus helps owners, buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, and attorneys uncover critical due diligence items. Eli Report is currently free (regular $40).

Here are the stats of Eli Report vs InspectHOA:

Eli ReportInspectHOA
Summary ReportYesYes
TurnaroundInstant (<15 minutes)2 Business Days
Critical IssuesYesYes
PriceFree (regular $40)$45-275
LinkSign up and run a free ReportOrder an Inspection

Information subject to change. See provider websites for latest offerings.


If you need assistance with HOA inspection these services will help. Eli Report vs InspectHOA: select the best one for you based on needs and budget!