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Buying a condo or townhouse is a very exciting time for a home buyer.  Emotions run high, but it’s important to step back, relax and look at all the facts!

Eli was started with a vision of increasing transparency during a real estate transaction, so a home buyer makes a more informed purchase decision.  Our Eli Reports help Realtors and home buyers understand the financial and physical health of a condo building quickly and more efficiently.

Right now, any prospective home buyer can request a free Eli Report for any listing in Metro Vancouver, by simply clicking here.  We’ll connect your request with a local Realtor, who will get in touch with you and share the Eli Report.

Be more informed before you buy!

When looking at a condo, one of the most important parts of your due diligence process is reviewing and understanding current and past issues in the condo building, as well as understanding the current financial health of the strata corporation.  With the help of your Realtor, you are able to make sense of these important issues through a review of the strata’s Form B package, which usually includes the corporation’s by-laws, budget, depreciation report and council minutes.  An Eli Report makes this document review process much more efficient, by using technology to read and flag important paragraphs contained in the documents.

In essence, Eli makes reading strata documents easy!

Owners wanting to see how their building looks before listing can sign up and run a free Eli Report.