OctoAI presentation at BC Strata Tech conference

Great technology for multi-family communities is being developed to help stratas in British Columbia.  The first BC Strata Tech conference, a virtual event, was held on March 31 & April 1, 2023 to benefit:

  • Strata Managers
  • Strata Councilors
  • Strata Owners
  • Strata Lawyers
  • Strata Residents
  • Realtors
  • Investors

Thomas Beattie, CEO of OctoAI Technologies Inc., showcases the cutting-edge technology behind the company’s AI-powered platform, Eli Report. Thousands of realtors, property managers, buyers and owners use Eli Report to summarize key issues from strata documents and provide valuable insights into their communities.  During this presentation, Thomas demonstrated Eli Report and Sonja Blackburn, Senior Account Executive at Axis Insurance discussed how it is being utilized to power the future of insurance quotes for the benefit of all strata owners. See firsthand how OctoAI is driving innovation in the insurance industry and streamlining the process for real estate professionals: https://bcstratatech.io/conference2023/presentation/ai-powered-strata-insurance-and-strata-document-review

Learn more innovative solutions & tech tools to help your strata council with operations.  https://bcstratatech.io/

Attend the online event March 31st to April 1st 2023 to learn how strata corporations in British Columbia are streamlining their operations.  Explore ways to streamline the management and operation of strata corporations, whether self-managed or professionally managed. Learn about cutting-edge solutions and techniques being developed to assist strata corporations. Additionally, discover how some providers can assist realtors and potential buyers/investors with making informed real estate decisions.


About OctoAI’s new BC strata insurance collaboration:

OctoAI Technologies Inc. makes applying for strata insurance faster, easier and – hopefully – better value for property managers and strata councils. Leveraging our artificial intelligence platform for summarizing condo documents, Eli Report (trusted by over 3,000 real estate industry professionals across North America), we look at what matters about a community and provide context to insurance partners.  Simply upload your condo documents and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.  If Axis is able to provide competitive terms they will contact you directly, and either way you will receive an Eli Report on your community completely free.  Save time and ensure your community is treated fairly with insurance based on more than claims history – it could save your owners money!