Quickly summarize commercial leases with Eli Report

In addition to helping residential real estate professionals use machine learning to summarize and extract key issues from condo documents, we have been working in the background on a lease abstraction platform for the commercial market – now in beta.

Are you a commercial realtor, property manager or asset owner looking to quickly extract important provisions from a portfolio of commercial leases?  We would love to have you join our beta group – please get in touch!

You may be in the due diligence stage, or have inherited a large number of leases relating to an acquisition that you need to understand quickly and completely.  Or, perhaps you are a commercial broker performing a lease audit for a new client, with dozens of retail locations?  Eli Report is a powerful tool which can help you review hundreds of commercial or industrial leases and extract meaningful insights, in only a matter of minutes.


Eli Report’s commercial platform processes uploaded documents in just minutes, whether they are text files, electronically saved or scanned pictures, and extracts provisions of interest.  Seamlessly locate extracted provisions within the source document in the same window, making your document review ultra-efficient.



With over 25 commercial lease provisions currently extracted using Eli Report (and growing!), we are excited to launch in beta to interested groups looking to streamline abstraction of their entire lease portfolio.  Contact us today for beta access!