Realtor Liability on Strata Review

Realtors are responsible for informing their clients about key issues in a condo transaction, and Eli Report helps reduce the liability of conducting strata review.  Beyond the powerful benchmarks and clear, comprehensive reivew, Eli Report will proactively warn you when information provided in the document package is out of date.

Order an Eli Report and you will be automatically notified in your report email if:

  • the latest CRF Balance is more than 90 days old,
  • the budget is six months or more out of date, and/or
  • a current insurance policy has not been provided.

Each Eli Report also presents a timeline of meeting minutes by year and month. This enables you to easily spot possible missing files or if the latest minutes are dated:

Meeting Minute Timeline - Realtor liability on strata review

Each of these features is designed to ensure that your clients are well-informed and dealing with current, relevant information. Conducting a thorough strata document review is of paramount importance. Strata documents serve as the foundation for understanding the governance and financial health of a condominium or a community with shared ownership. It is crucial to ensure that these documents are not only diligently examined but also up-to-date.

Eli Report enables Realtors to empower clients while discharging their obligations, so sign up and get a free Eli Report.