Guest Post: Strata management – what is it anyways?

Step right up, don’t be shy. We get asked this all the time. What is strata management? 

  • Do you manage my house rental when I go on vacation?  Nope.
  • Do you live in my building?  No.
  • Do you rent out properties?  Non. 
  • Do you sell properties?  Nada.

With that cleared up, let’s focus on what we DO, do!  The nitty gritty of strata management:

Property/building maintenance

  • Maintain common areas inside and out, including amenity rooms, pools, theatres and more. 
  • Elevator maintenance.

Building management

  • Ensure the owners representatives (Strata Council) meet regularly to discuss building management. 


  • Deal with building correspondence.
  • Communicate with owners and residents around notice of meetings, minutes, and more.


  • Preparing budgets.
  • Taking care of invoices.
  • Collecting fees.
  • Arranging proper and competitive insurance.


  • Enforce rules around common property.
  • Mediate disputes between owners.
  • Amend bylaws for the good of the community.

Thank you to Tribe Management for sharing this post with Eli Report.