What are Condo Association Management Companies?

A condo management company (aka property management company) will assist a condo or HOA board in handling day-to-day management of multi-family communities. Their duties typically include corresponding with homeowners about meetings, CC&Rs, and questions or concerns. They also typically coordinate insurance for the common property and deal with maintenance and repairs.

Because they are hired by the board, a management company can be replaced in accordance with the terms of their contract. To assess whether the condo management company you are considering is a ‘good’ one, look them up online! Also consider how long they have been in business, whether they communicate well (if they are not extremely responsive before you hire them, don’t expect them to afterwards!), and ask for references. Fees are competitive, and while cost is a factor you don’t always get what you pay for; at the end of the day it comes down to people and you’re looking for someone who cares about your community.

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