Eli Report now available directly through eStrataHub

We’re excited to announce that Eli Report has now been integrated with eStrataHub. With this new integration, real estate professionals can order an Eli Report from directly within eStrataHub as part of the document ordering process.

eStrataHub is a leading strata document ordering platform for multi-family communities in British Columbia. Every year, thousands of real estate agents, lawyers, notaries, and homeowners use eStrataHub to seamlessly order and receive strata documents online.

A proper review of the strata documents is an essential part of the condo purchase process. Unfortunately, this can be time consuming. Now, with a single click as part of an eStrataHub order, realtors in British Columbia can order an Eli Report (see sample here) which will be delivered within minutes. This AI-powered tool acts as a second set of eyes to identify potential concerns, allowing realtors to elevate their level of service, and better inform their clients.

Lawyers and notaries also have direct access to an Eli Report through eStrataHub, assisting with due diligence.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Realtor, lawyer or notary logs in as usual to eStrataHub through the APIC website: https://login.apicanada.com/login or access through BC Online.
  2. Add an Eli Report to your order
  3. Receive an email with your report in under 10 minutes

Have questions? Contact us at support@elireport.com