Conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs) are put in place by owners within HOA communities to protect owners’ collective interests. They describe what a homeowner can and cannot do with their property. You may for example have restrictions on the color of your home, smoking, rentals, parking, pets, landscaping, etc.  There can also be rules (we set out common ones here) which are implemented by the board of directors

Violating CC&Rs or rules is likely to result in penalties, fines, and costs of restoration if applicable. Worse, violations lead to rising levels of acrimony among neighbors. It is even possible that the situation escalate to the point of foreclosure or eviction if penalties are not paid, so take it seriously.

While exceptions to CC&Rs may be granted in rare circumstances, the best options for an owner are to either:

  • conform with the CC&Rs, or
  • seek to have them amended by vote at an annual general meeting.  

If the thought of rules about what you can do with, on or in your property drives you crazy, it’s possible that HOA life is not for you! 

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