What is the role of strata council?

In British Columbia, each strata council plays a crucial role in the management and administration of a strata corporation. The strata council can appoint a property manager to assist with day-to-day affairs but remain responsible for oversight. When considering the role of strata council, these are the key responsibilities and functions:

  1. Governance: The strata council is elected by the owners at the annual general meeting (AGM) and is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the strata corporation. They ensure that the strata corporation operates in compliance with the Strata Property Act and the corporation’s bylaws and rules.
  2. Financial Management: The council oversees the strata corporation’s finances, including the preparation of the annual budget, collection of strata fees, and management of the contingency reserve fund. They also ensure that financial statements are accurate and that audits (if required) are conducted.
  3. Maintenance and Repairs: The council is responsible for the maintenance and repair of common property and common assets. This includes organizing regular maintenance, addressing repair needs, and managing contracts with service providers.
  4. Bylaw Enforcement: The council enforces the bylaws and rules of the strata corporation. This includes addressing complaints, issuing fines for violations, and ensuring that all residents comply with the regulations.
  5. Meetings and Communication: The council organizes and conducts general meetings, including the AGM, and special general meetings when necessary. They also communicate regularly with owners and residents to keep them informed about strata matters.
  6. Dispute Resolution: The council may handle disputes between owners or between owners and the strata corporation. They can attempt to mediate conflicts and, if necessary, refer disputes to the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) or other appropriate bodies.
  7. Insurance: The council ensures that the strata corporation has adequate insurance coverage for common property and common assets, and manages claims and insurance renewals.
  8. Record Keeping: The council is responsible for maintaining records of strata corporation activities, including minutes of meetings, financial records, correspondence, and other important documents.

The strata council’s primary aim is to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the strata corporation, maintain property values, and create a harmonious living environment for all residents. The role of strata council is important; it’s not always an easy job, and is a volunteer position, so we applaud you for participating!

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