Why Should I Read My HOA’s CC&Rs?

Why should I read my HOA’s CC&Rs?  Would you buy a car without looking at a Carfax report?  Probably not, especially if it is an expensive vehicle or one you intend to own for many years.

Buyers new to Homeowner Association neighborhoods (HOAs) should for the same reason always read the Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs) along with minutes and budgets for their prospective community so they know what they are buying into.  A home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, and if you leap before you look you may regret it.

What will I learn by reading HOA documents?

  • The cost and services you will expect to receive for your HOA fees.
  • The issues that may impact your i) HOA fees and/or ii) cause disruption to your living situation (roofing, building envelope, piping, etc).
  • What rules you are expected to follow – these vary widely so look carefully, especially if you have pets, RVs, are a smoker or can’t live without your BBQ. Other rules may also impact you, ranging from lawn care to the color of your home, garage door or mailbox.

So read your HOA’s CC&Rs so you know what to expect as a member of the community!  If by chance they are not living up to the expectations of the residents of the community, read this guest post on giving your HOA a makeover.

If you need a little help digesting your condo or HOA documents, you can sign up and run a free Eli Report!  We use artificial intelligence to extract what matters and let you navigate directly to critical issues.